FIFA 22 | FUT Hero Player Pick: Is the new SBC worth it?

EA Sports released a new Squad Building Challenge (SBC) in FIFA 22 on Sunday night. This offers players the chance to choose one of three offered FUT Heroes for a week.

FUT Heroes are new cards introduced in FIFA 22 that represent both the player and their big moment in each league. Said cards include a chemistry bonus to other players who also play in that league.

Two teams required

So far, 19 players have received a FUT Heroes card in FIFA 22. In order to receive such a card, two squads with a minimum rating of 83 and 84 can be submitted in the current SBC.

Overall, it’s not too expensive to complete this SBC. Choosing a FUT Heroes card shouldn’t cost much more than 80,000 FUT Coins if all the cards needed for the SBC have to be bought.

Investment does not always pay off

Of the 19 existing FUT Heroes cards, four are worth significantly more than 80,000 coins. The two offensive players Antonio Di Natale and Abedi Pelé each cost over 300,000 coins on the transfer market.

Central defender Iván Córdoba costs over 400,000 coins on the PlayStation, while midfielder David Ginola costs around a million coins. If one of these cards is on sale, the SBC has undoubtedly been worth it.


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