Ferrari stars talk about “completely new car”

In less than a month, Formula 1 drivers will be able to test the new cars on the track for the first time in 2022. The teams are still putting the finishing touches on them in the factories. Nevertheless, drivers like Carlos Sainz were able to get a first impression of their future work equipment.

“I’ve seen it in many PowerPoint presentations and in the wind tunnel,” explains the Ferrari driver, who tested the 2018 SF71H in Fiorano this week alongside teammate Charles Leclerc and young driver Robert Schwarzman.

The Spaniard is already stating: “The 2022 car is, let’s say, very different from what we’ve seen in Formula 1 in recent years. I can’t wait to show it to the tifosi either. It is , like we have a secret, but we want to reveal it as soon as possible. Let’s see.”

“It’s not long now,” says Sainz, looking forward to the February 17 presentation of the still nameless new Ferrari. “I’m particularly keen on showing the car to all the tifosi, but also driving it as fast as possible.”

Teammate Leclerc is no different. “2022 will be a very important year,” emphasizes the Monegasse. “It’s a very special year because we have a completely new car.”

“I’m really looking forward to traveling to the first winter test in Barcelona and testing the car. And hopefully with all the work we’ve done over the past year to get to this point, we’ll be as competitive as we are we all want it.” Ferrari finished third in the World Championship last year.

Ferrari stars look forward to test drives

Although Leclerc and Sainz were only allowed to drive an older model this week because the test rules for 2022 are still unclear, it was an advantage to be able to go back on the track. “It’s always useful, but it’s also fun to be back in a 2018 Formula 1 car,” says Sainz.

It was good to be back in action after the long break. “Because as an athlete or as a Formula 1 driver, you get the first shock to the body. It’s just, ‘Wow, yes, I’m a Formula 1 driver, I have to drive this beast!’

“You also have to engage the neck, lower back and glutes so that the body remembers that it is the body of a Formula 1 driver. And it’s also important for the mind to get back to the speeds get used to that we drive,” the Ferrari driver continues.

“Also to talk to the engineers, to develop the set-up of the car a little further and to try to make it more to my liking. You return to this cycle and that’s always a lot of fun,” enthuses Sainz.


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