Ferrari must change test plans in Fiorano

As part of the preparations for the new Formula 1 season, Ferrari is conducting a four-day test at its test track in Fiorano this week. The previous year’s SF21 car was actually supposed to be used, but the racing team had to change its original plans shortly before the start of the test.

The reason: It wasn’t clear whether you could actually use a car from last year. Because the sporting regulations of Formula 1 for 2022 are currently still pending. The only published rules are an early draft, approved back in April of the previous year.

The teams and the FIA ​​have been working on a number of changes, for example to the sprint races or the length of Friday practice sessions. But these have not yet been endorsed through the formal ratification process in the World Motorsport Council.

Formula 1 teams suggested changing the test rules

Theoretically, that could wait until the season opener in Bahrain, which Ferrari now got into trouble. Due to the rule amendment for 2022, the teams pushed to adapt the test rules so that cars from 2021 could be used this year, as they could hardly achieve any performance advantages.

However, since the FIA ​​has not yet clarified the legality of this procedure because the sporting regulations have not yet been ratified, Ferrari had to change its plans and instead decided to use its 2018 car.

A statement on Tuesday read: “The test program that Scuderia Ferrari planned to carry out at the Fiorano circuit from today was modified this morning.”

Ferrari plays it safe

“Pending an update from the FIA ​​on how the definition of ‘Test Previous Cars’ will be applied in 2022, which determines which car can be used in this type of test, it has been decided that a 2018 SF71H will be used. The detailed Program will be announced later,” the statement said.

According to the wording of the most recently published regulations, teams are still prohibited from using a car that was built according to the regulations of the previous year. Private tests with older cars are allowed, provided they are at least two years old.

In addition to the two regular drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, the official test driver Robert Schwarzman will also be used as part of the four-day test by Ferrari. While he takes the wheel on Tuesday and Friday, Leclerc is scheduled for Wednesday. Sainz will test on Thursday.

Ferrari will unveil its 2022 car, codenamed 674, on February 17. It is scheduled to hit the track for the first time on February 22nd at a film day in Barcelona, ​​Spain, before official pre-season testing begins for all teams.


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