Fernando Tatis Jr. prepares his return to MLB 2022 and the San Diego Padres would change his position

As he continues to work on his recovery for the second half of this season, he warned that the franchise is testing him in other parts of the park.

During the 2022 season of theMajor League Baseball (MLB)we have not been able to have the chance to see the Dominican in actionFernando Tatis Jr.who due to an injury to his left wrist, has missed half of this season withSan Diego Padres.

Facing this long-awaited return to the parks, the shortstop has worked at Petco Park, performing tasks not only in his usual position, and the main novelty that his return could bring is a new position within the scheme ofBob Melvin.

This was confirmed by Tatis Jr. at a press conference, where he stated about his possible return with the Padres that I’m here to play wherever you need me. Let’s talk. But until now I’ve been rehabbing mostly as a shortstop. I’ve been moving all over the place, but so far I’ve been working in that position.”.


The change that Fernando Tatis Jr. could experience in MLB 2022

Under that concept, the Dominican added that I’ve been moving positions, just putting myself to the test. It’s good and I stay active.”who is expected to receive authorization at the end of July to intensify his practices and thus prepare for his return.

Recall that prior to the start of MLB 2022, Tatis Jr. suffered a fracture of his left wrist after a motorcycle accident, which has kept him out of the entire current campaign, preventing him from imitating what he did last season.

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