FCA vs Eintracht | Scandal in Augsburg! Folder knocks out own bus driver

During the Bundesliga game between FC Augsburg and Eintracht Frankfurt (1: 1) there was a nasty incident. A key member of the home team was apparently brutally headbutted – by a steward.

As confirmed by the Augsburg police, the FC Augsburg bus driver, Yildiz Zekeriye, had to be taken to the Augsburg University Hospital with a bruised skull and suspected concussion after a physical altercation.

First the “Augsburg General” reported about it. The press department of FC Augsburg has now also confirmed the fisticuffs immediately before the league game against Eintracht.

The incident is said to have happened after the Fuggerstadt professional team had just left the bus.

The players only found out about the physical attack on their bus driver after the game, as striker Michael Gregoritsch explained to “image” declared: “Madness! I only found out about it in the shower.”

Head coach Markus Weinzierl said the same thing after the game on Sunday evening, which ended with a 1-1 draw against Eintracht Frankfurt.

The exact trigger for the act is still unclear

The suspect folder is not directly employed by FC Augsburg, but works for a security company commissioned by the Bundesliga club. According to the report in the Augsburger Zeitung, the bus driver is also in a similar employment relationship.

After the physical attack, he initially lay on the ground, was then supported by team doctor Jens Otto and a paramedic and a little later was driven to the hospital in an ambulance.

What exactly triggered the scandal was not yet known on Sunday evening. Both the injured party and the alleged perpetrator are to be questioned about the matter in the next few days.


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