FC St. Pauli confirms EM special rights

FC St. Pauli has admitted that the club has a say in which national teams are allowed to train at the 2024 European Football Championship in Hamburg’s Millerntor Stadium and which are not.

“We made it clear that there could be concerns in certain countries,” said Oke Göttlich in an interview published on the club’s website.

The OC accepted the concerns, accommodated the club and also represented this position towards UEFA. “We would like to thank (OC boss) Philipp Lahm in particular for this,” emphasized the president of the second division club.

He thus confirmed a report by the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” from June. However, it is too early to speculate about which states could be affected. “Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine has only just shown how quickly the political map in Europe can change radically,” said the 46-year-old club boss in this context. In addition, the European Championship qualifiers have not yet started and the finalists will not be known until the end of 2023.

Göttlich emphasized that it was a matter of course for the Kiezklub to have a say in the use of the Millerntor Stadium. “Politics belong in the stadium at FC St. Pauli – and that also applies during the European Championship.”

However, the Millerntor must not lose its character, for example by removing writings such as “No one is illegal” and “No football for the fascists” on the stands or the rainbow flag on the south stand. The use of the arena should not “contradict these clear statements,” it said in the club’s statement.

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