FC Schalke 04 probably unloads the transfer flop in Belgium

In mid-July, FC Schalke 04 struck in Belgium as part of their squad restructuring for the 2nd Bundesliga and ejected Dries Wouters from KRC Genk. Just six months later, the signs are already pointing to separation again.

Dries Wouters was introduced as a new signing in the summer with great fanfare and even greater hope, but now the defensive midfielder is on the verge of being eliminated at FC Schalke.

Since moving to Gelsenkirchen on a free transfer, Wouters has completed just 205 competitive minutes. He was last used against Hansa Rostock at the end of September. On the last day of the game, just before Christmas, the 24-year-old wasn’t even in the squad anymore.

The relationship between the clearer and the miners can safely be described as a misunderstanding. The club sees it that way too.

“We are obviously not satisfied – and I don’t think he will be either. We promised ourselves more,” S04 sports director Rouven Schröder was quoted as saying by “WAZ” a few days before the turn of the year with a view to Wouters.

The fact that Wouters was temporarily absent due to an ankle injury didn’t make his adjustment period any easier. According to Schröder, the former junior national player had “his games” but had “not really gained a foothold” so far.

FC Schalke finds loan buyers for Wouters

Now there seems to be a quick farewell to Wouters in the current transfer window.

Like the Belgian newspaper “Het Nieuwsblad” reported, the tall defender will be loaned out to his hometown first division club KV Mechelen until the end of the season to replace Joachim Van Damme, who has moved to Liège. It is not known whether a purchase option was agreed.

Wouters’ working paper at Schalke is dated until 2024.


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