FC Bayern: Schweinsteiger with a dig at Pep

Bastian Schweinsteiger wore the FC Bayern jersey as a professional for 13 years before the former midfielder moved to Manchester United in 2015. Today’s TV expert revealed in a “Bild” interview what role ex-coach Pep Guardiola played in his move. He also raved about Julian Nagelsmann.

Although Guardiola Schweinsteiger never openly suggested that he should look for a new club, the 37-year-old felt that the coach at the time wanted to get rid of him. “Then the offer came from Manchester United and I realized that it was okay for both sides,” explained Schweinsteiger.

“There were other players that you noticed didn’t like that much, Mario Mandzukic for example,” the 2014 world champion continued.

According to Schweinsteiger, Guardiola has not reached the team like his predecessor Jupp Heynckes. “We know that Pep is a good coach. The way we played was different from Jupp Heynckes’. I don’t think he got along with the team like that,” he said the 37-year-old, who couldn’t resist a side swipe: “In the end, that was missing a bit, especially in the Champions League.”

Schweinsteiger raves about Nagelsmann

In the interview, Schweinsteiger also spoke about Julian Nagelsmann. The Bayern coach was “innately likeable” to the long-time professional.

“As a player, I would have liked to train under him. He makes a very, very good impression on me,” he enthused, emphasizing: “He has already shown what he is capable of at Leipzig. I think he will be at Bayern make a great career.”

Nagelsmann’s offensive style of play suits Bayern Munich perfectly, and he trusts his players on the defensive. “He can make players better, he showed that with Leroy Sané. That’s very important,” Schweinsteiger ennobled the 34-year-old coach.


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