FC Bayern out of the race? Antonio Rüdiger’s salary claim revealed

Antonio Rüdiger’s departure from Chelsea is getting closer and closer. Even in the most recent talks, there was no agreement between the parties. The Blues have increased their offer again. The sum that the German national player demands could ultimately be too high for Bayern.

The German record champions from Munich, alongside Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, are the club that has the best chance of signing Antonio Rüdiger. It is becoming more and more likely that the central defender will come onto the market in the summer after the last round of negotiations with Chelsea.

Although the Blues have increased their offer to Rüdiger again, even this offer is said to be not good enough for the 28-year-old. The portal “The Athletic” wants to know the numbers that are currently in the room.

Accordingly, Rüdiger is currently collecting a weekly salary of 100,000 euros in London. Chelsea would be willing to increase their offer to €160,000 a week. According to the report, the central defender only demands around 260,000 euros per week. That’s too much for the blues.

Is Rüdiger too expensive for Bayern?

Since FC Bayern will probably not be willing to pay Rüdiger an annual salary of around 12.5 million euros, the circle of potential customers for Rüdiger is getting smaller and smaller.

The former Stuttgart native is also said to have held talks with representatives of Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain. As early as January, the Spanish media reported on concrete offers here as well. The offer from the French is said to have been higher than that of the Spanish record champions.

Another well-known club, FC Barcelona, ​​has a chance of getting Rüdiger’s signature. However, it is not clear how the Catalans want to finance the German international.


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