FC Bayern: Oliver Kahn praises internal “cooperation”

Bayern Munich club boss Oliver Kahn is “very relaxed” about the start of the season, “because things work for us”. One notices, said the former goalkeeper in an interview with “Münchner Merkur”, “how well our cooperation in the club works, you can see that in the results in this transfer window”.

Kahn is happy to have “done the homework early” and “no longer have to rush into any actions at the end of the transfer period”. “That was important to me,” he said. Before the start of the Bundesliga at Eintracht Frankfurt, “even more important because the season starts at the beginning of August”.

In the first game at Eintracht Frankfurt (August 5), players like top picks Sadio Mané and Mathijs de Ligt have been with the team for a few weeks. Both were also present at the training camp in the USA. Other stars will not follow, at least not “at any price”. Bayern can “observe the market in peace after our previous transfers,” said Kahn.

Kahn on Bayern’s success: “Squaring the circle”

The 53-year-old expects “because of the interruption caused by the World Cup in winter […] the toughest season ever. In order to be able to maintain the level there, we need a strong, broad squad. We can now also replace failures without losing too much substance.”

Possibly again to the annoyance of the fans who have to do without excitement in the Bundesliga. “It’s like squaring the circle: On the one hand, we have to position ourselves as strongly as possible in order to be at the forefront in Europe. Conversely, that means – at least that’s how it was in the past – that we are very dominant in the Bundesliga,” said barge.

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