FC Bayern: Nagelsmann relies on Guardiola’s measure

Julian Nagelsmann wants to achieve even more success with FC Bayern in his second season as head coach. For this, the 34-year-old relies on measures that Pep Guardiaola once implemented with the record champions.

On Monday, FC Bayern Munich will start their pre-season preparations at the training ground on Säbener Strasse. However, since construction work is currently taking place on the site, no fans are allowed to watch at the moment.

According to the “picture“The reason for the conversion measures is the creation of an opaque curtain. Back then, Pep Guardiola had a side pitch covered with a tarpaulin so that the Bayern stars were protected from view and they could train in peace. Now Nagelsmann is also relying on Guardiola’s tactics.

FC Bayern: Nagelsmann gets wishes fulfilled

In addition, the 34-year-old tested an XXL video screen in May 2022 so that he could start the video analysis with his players on the training ground. This, too, will now be able to take place without prying eyes. With the installation of the screen, which according to “sky” was approved, a wish was granted to the head coach by those responsible in Munich.

“With the new video screen, Nagelsmann has the opportunity to intervene directly in training in order to show game forms or correct misconduct,” explained “Sky” reporter Torben Hoffmann the technical innovation. Nagelsmann was already working with a similar system in Hoffenheim.

For fans of FC Bayern, this news is quite momentous. There is a hill behind the record champions’ training ground where curious observers gathered to take a look at what was happening. This will now be even more difficult. According to the plan, the second plan should be completed by the end of August.

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