FC Bayern: Nagelsmann calls for a rule change

Julian Nagelsmann calls for changes in football. The head coach of FC Bayern is committed to time-outs, just like in basketball. He finds support from coaching colleague Andrea Trinchieri, who looks after the Munich basketball players.

The two coaches at FC Bayern agree: Time-outs for coaches could further enhance football games in the future. “It would be great, I’ve been committed to this for almost ten years,” Julian Nagelsmann told club media, but then added: “But it’s not that easy in football to bring about changes.”

Nagelsmann was convinced that “the quality of the games would increase again because the coaches could achieve more through the greater influence in such time-outs”. The best example is his colleague Andrea Trinchieri, who has been in charge of the Munich BBL team since 2020. According to the 34-year-old, Trinchieri finds it easier to influence the game: “The players are closer to you in a hall and you also have the opportunity to take more short tactical breaks.”

Trinchieri: Nagelsmann is “always one step ahead”

The native of Milan, who coached Brose Bamberg between 2014 and 2018, agreed with the football teacher: “I don’t understand anyway why this wasn’t introduced in football long ago. It would be better for the players, for the coaches, for the fans, for everyone .”

Trinchieri also stated that his work is based on that of his club colleague. “I listen to what Julian says, I watch how he behaves. You have to set the direction, you have to have compassion. The biggest lie we can tell as coaches is that every player is the same. That’s not true.”

Nagelsmann is a “supermodern” coach, “because he has everything professionally and personally. He’s always one step ahead.”


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