FC Bayern is thinking about Gnabry’s demotion: Explosive plans for the record champions

Is there an ugly mud fight between FC Bayern and Serge Gnabry? If no satisfactory solution is found for the record champions in poker about the future of the national player this summer, the Munich team might resort to drastic measures.

In addition to the Lewandowski cause, the personnel Serge Gnabry has been occupying those responsible at FC Bayern in the last few days and weeks.

The national player’s contract expires in 2023, and the winger, as is well known, rejected Munich’s offer to extend it. The fronts, it was said recently, have long since hardened.

So far, there have always been reports of two variants that FC Bayern have in mind when it comes to Gnabry poker. Option one: The player renews his contract and remains part of the permanent core of the first team. Option two: The player does not renew and is sold.

Noisy “table football“But there are already explosive mind games on the Isar in the event that the third option occurs: Gnabry does not extend, but is not sold either. Then, according to the specialist magazine, the national player could actually end up in the stands and not for the time being Missions received.

Gnabry doesn’t let Bayern put him under pressure

Although this option is being thought through by the record champions, it is “difficult to imagine”, the “kicker” restricts at the same time.

And Gnabry himself apparently does not expect to end up in the stands if he is still part of the club at the beginning of the season but has still not extended his contract by then. The national player is “largely relaxed” in the face of this threat. Gnabry was “little impressed” by the means of pressure from the stands.

Talks between Gnabry and FC Bayern “more positive”

According to “kicker”, the amount of the present offer from FC Bayern is not Gnabry’s problem, but rather the lack of emotionality in recent months and the timing of those responsible at the start of the negotiation rounds. In the meantime, however, the talks are said to be “more positive” again.

The next few weeks will show whether that is enough to convince Serge Gnabry to extend his contract. Training will start on July 12, and a little later not only the club, but also the players will want to know what’s going on.

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