FC Bayern: Drama about Thomas Müller’s breeding stallion

Thomas Müller from FC Bayern has long since made a name for himself in the sports world, and not only on the soccer field. The original Bavarian, together with his wife Lisa, has long been a big name as a horse breeder. A dramatic incident has now occurred on his Wettlkam estate.

The farm reported on social media about an accident involving the dressage horse D’Avie, which is considered Thomas and Lisa Müller’s flagship horse. Accordingly, the stallion fell while trying to mount a mare and injured himself.

“D’avie unfortunately slipped in the deck hall during a first test attempt in preparation for the breeding season and fell dramatically on his side,” the statement said.

Lucky for D’avie

The horse was therefore immediately and urgently examined. Worse injuries could be ruled out. “However, he sustained an injury in the hoof area during this fall, which will require a break and complete healing over the next few weeks and months,” said Gut Wettlkam.

The stallion, who has been ridden by Lisa Müller at several dressage tournaments in the past, will have to take it easy in the coming days.

“D’Avie is a really tough guy – worse could have happened,” the statement said.

Thomas Müller’s horse “combines power and elegance”

Last year Lisa Müller competed in her first tournament season together with D’Avie. This year the nine-year-old horse is to be used primarily in breeding.

Thomas and Lisa Müller describe the multiple Grand Prix winner as one of their most special animals: “In addition to his spectacular movement talent in walk, trot and canter, D’avie impresses with his enormous willingness to perform, rideability and his outstanding hind leg. He combines power and elegance. With With his charisma and his character, he wraps everyone involved, whether rider, groom or farrier, in daily dealings around his finger,” says the home page of the Wettlkam estate.


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