FC Bayern “better” for Matthias Ginter

The Italian transfer expert Gianluca di Marzio commented on the prospects of FC Bayern in courting national players Antonio Rüdiger from Chelsea and Matthias Ginter from Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Rüdiger could “play for any team,” enthused the expert in an interview “” from the former Stuttgart, who has been earning his bread from the reigning Champions League winner since 2017 and has since matured into a top-class central defender.

Rüdiger has “improved his style of play under team manager Thomas Tuchel in recent months. He plays every game in a fantastic way,” said di Marzio.

FC Bayern “a top club in the world”

Regarding a possible move for the 28-year-old, the journalist said: “I think if I had to choose Bayern Munich would be perfect for him now. They are a top club in the world.”

However, di Marzio would advise Rüdiger to extend his expiring contract in London. “I hope he will stay. Chelsea should be perfect for him.”

Marzio contradicted rumors that Rüdiger’s DFB team-mate Matthias Ginter was a hot candidate for the Italian champions Inter Milan.

Although the Nerazzurri approached the Gladbach professional, they were basically “very cautious in terms of personnel, as they are not so convinced that they will oblige him,” said the expert.

Gladbach: FC Bayern “better” for Matthias Ginter

For Ginter, in di Marzio’s opinion, it would be “better to go somewhere else” – for example to FC Bayern, who, according to rumors, have put out feelers for the former BVB professional.

“If Bayern are ready to sign, it’s better for him to stay in the Bundesliga,” said di Marzio, referring to Ginter’s future plans.

Ginter’s contract in Gladbach also ends in summer. It has been certain since the end of December that he will leave Borussia after four years at the latest.


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