FC Bayern and Werder Bremen: Klose names favorite teammates

Two from FC Bayern, one from Werder Bremen: Long-time striker Miroslav Klose has revealed who his three best team-mates were during his playing days.

Miroslav Klose has scored countless times for 1. FC Kaiserslautern, Werder Bremen and FC Bayern in his impressive Bundesliga career. In 2005/2006, the 44-year-old was even the top scorer in the Bundesliga for the green and white team with 25 goals.

The attacker, who helped the team, was also among the front-runners when it came to assists in that season (13), only one team-mate at the time had one more assist on his account: Johan Micoud. Klose now counted him among his three best teammates.

Asked by the “kicker” who impressed him the most in the group of colleagues, Klose said: “I have to name three. Thomas Müller and Toni Kroos at Bayern and in the national team, plus Johan Micoud at Werder Bremen.”

Müller is characterized by “such game intelligence, eye contact was often enough for our interaction”, the ex-striker praised his colleagues who are still active in Munich.

Kroos, on the other hand, stood out for Klose “with his technique, overview, ball safety and his strategic skills”. The aforementioned Micoud was a similar type to Kroos.

Klose: That’s what Micoud advised me at Werder Bremen

“When I came to Werder, he often called out to me: ‘Stop running away to the front. Come on for a moment, we want to play football here!'”, the attacker looked back on his time at the Weser between 2004 and 2007. in which he scored a total of 53 goals in 89 games.

However, Klose did not place his most important career goal in the Bundesliga, but at the World Cup, where he is still the record holder with the most goals in this major tournament format.

“The 2-2 equalizer in the second group game at the 2014 World Cup against Ghana. I was so happy that I did my somersault right away – but it was only half because I didn’t manage to do the whole thing,” recalled the 44 -year-olds to the World Cup that year, at the end of which he and the DFB-Elf were world champions.

In the meantime, Klose has switched to coaching. After he was most recently active for the FC Bayern U17s and as an assistant coach in the professional team, he has now been hired in the Austrian Bundesliga at SCR Altach, where he will take over as head coach from this summer.

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