FC Barcelona’s crazy plan with Erling Haaland revealed

Despite massive financial problems, FC Barcelona want to free Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund. In order to be able to realize a transfer in the event of a commitment from the BVB attacker, the Catalans are said to be making a special plan.

Although FC Barcelona has seen much better times in terms of sport and business, the traditional club is actively involved in courting Erling Haaland. According to “Spox” and “Goal” the club is “obsessed” with a possible commitment of the BVB professional.

With a mountain of debt of around 1.35 billion euros, costly transfers are currently a tricky challenge for Barca.

This is FC Barcelona’s plan with Erling Haaland

For Haaland, fifth in the Primera División would set all the levers in motion. Accordingly, FC Barcelona has even submitted a model proposal to the Spanish league as to how the goalscorer can be financed despite the tight club coffers.

The club wants to sell 49 percent of Barca Studios, its own media production company. With this potential deal, FC Barcelona hopes to generate income of 100 million euros.

This sum should then be invested in a Haaland transfer. Allegedly, LaLiga has already approved the plan.

BVB: Haaland also traded at Real Madrid

However, before the implementation of this project, the Catalans still have to solve a few problems and first buy back the image rights to their own professionals.

The shares in Barca Studios could then be sold for the target sum, they say.

In courting for Haaland, Barca would also have to assert themselves against major competition on the transfer market.

Almost all top European clubs have been associated with the BVB snapper in recent months – including Barcelona’s arch-rival Real Madrid.


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