Fans want to immortalize Klombos in the game

Klombos have been inhabiting the map in Fortnite for some time. Some fans do not want to do without the popular creatures in the future and create concepts to immortalize them in the game.

The cute dinosaurs, which cheerfully trudge across the map and eat logberries, have quickly conquered the hearts of many Fortnite fans. Since developer Epic Games is constantly bringing new content into the game, the time with the animal companions should be over at some point.

But a Klombo lover has pondered how Epic Games could still firmly integrate the gentle giants into the game. The dinosaurs could be cute Back accessory in mini format Pop up.

A selection of different outfits, such as onesies in a log berry style, sweeten the idea even more. The community is enthusiastic about the idea and is currently actively asking Epic Games on social media to include these Klombo back accessories in the shop.

There were also numerous suggestions for improvement. For example, the Klombos could change their states of mind for different actions, just as they are currently doing in-game.

Maybe Epic Games can be convinced by the positive reactions and find a way to immortalize the Klombos in the game. Fortnite fans would apparently be very happy about that.


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