Fans mock animal abuser Zouma

Shortly after the excitement about animal cruelty, professional soccer player Kurt Zouma played for West Ham United in the English Premier League – and was ridiculed by the fans for his behavior.

“That’s how your cat feels,” chanted Watford supporters as the France international went down after a hard tackle.

A video had previously surfaced showing the defender dropping, kicking and punching a cat. Meanwhile, laughter can be heard in the background. The club condemned the process, but used the player only hours after it became known.

An absurdity, thinks Gary Lineker. “I am shocked and appalled that West Ham let Zouma play last night,” the former England international wrote on Twitter. The decision was “insensitive”.

When asked if he had considered leaving Zouma because of the incident, team manager David Moyes replied: “No, because he’s one of our better players.” But he himself is an “animal lover”. West Ham won 1-0 (0-0).

Before the operation, Zouma apologized for his actions and assured that “our two cats are doing well and are completely healthy”.


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