Falcons Secures Pro-League Qualifications in CS:GO ESL Challenger

By winning the Counter-Strike league ESL Challenger League, Falcons Esports is the first team in the conference phase of the ESL Pro League. The German team Sprout misses the qualification for the time being.

“Last season another French team, HEET, won and we got into the conference through the French championship. This time we can give back because there’s such another place for the French scene,” said Falcons player Bryan “Maka Canda in the post-game interview.

Victory in the ESL Challenger League is particularly important because of the starting place in the EPL Conference. In its last edition, two German teams, Sprout and Cowana Gaming, were represented, but they missed the main season that started in August.

In the Challenger League that has now been played, it was already about first place for the following conference, which Falcons secured in the final against 1win. Sprout was eliminated in the playoffs with losses to Movistar Riders and Saw but will get a second chance in the upcoming ESL Championship season.

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