Fake PCR test? Rumors of criminal charges against Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic does not rest after the affair about his prevented participation in the Australian Open and his expulsion from Australia. Now there is said to be a criminal complaint about a suspected fake corona test by the tennis superstar. His lawyer has already taken a stand.

While his competitors, above all the new Grand Slam record winner Rafael Nadal, have made positive headlines with their sporting performances at the Australian Open in the last few days, new negative rumors arose about Novak Djokovic.

Serbian media reported that there was a complaint against unknown persons. This should clarify whether the PCR test that Djokovic had presented when attempting to enter Australia was fake.

The ad is not (yet) directed against the 34-year-old himself, but it could possibly initiate appropriate investigations, it said.

Statement from Novak Djokovic’s lawyer

The reports were noted in the Djokovic camp – and even drew a reaction at the end of last week.

Goran Draganic, Djokovic’s lawyer, said in a statement distributed by the tabloid “Kurir” that according to the public prosecutor’s office in Belgrade there was no criminal prosecution against the 20-time Grand Slam winner.

No criminal charges were filed against Djokovic either.

Inconsistencies in Novak Djokovic’s PCR test

However, the doubts about Djokovic’s corona positive test, which should make his entry to Australia possible despite the lack of vaccination, remain.

The news magazine already reported in mid-January “Mirror” citing the findings of the IT experts of the group investigation of inconsistencies.

For example, the positive test allegedly from December 16, 2021 had a higher serial number than a negative result that Djokovic is said to have been issued on December 22, despite the ascending numbering.

No reaction from Novak Djokovic

Also the British “BBC” recently researched in this context. Accordingly, the serial number of Djokovic’s alleged positive test of December 16 matches PCR tests carried out between December 25 and 28.

Neither the Serbian authorities nor the Djokovic camp responded to the “BBC” about the allegations that had previously been made available to them in the form of a report.


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