Extremely high vaccination rate in Italian football

98 percent of Italian professional footballers are vaccinated against the corona virus.

This was announced by the President of the Italian footballers’ union AIC Umberto Calcagno on Thursday. “This is positive news for all of Italy. The footballers are sending an important message for the country’s restart,” said the 51-year-old.

In the Italian Serie A, however, games have been postponed again and again, as local health authorities have quarantined some teams after several corona cases. The league initially refused to move games. This only changed after the order from the health authorities.

As of the coming match day, the new regulation will therefore come into force, according to which games will be canceled if a club has eleven professionals in the squad who have tested positive. Young players are not taken into account.

The new rule reverses the previous provision. So far, the rule has been that the games take place with 13 healthy players. In addition, from January 16, only 5,000 spectators are allowed at the matches, guest fans are no longer allowed. The regulation initially applies to two matchdays.

“I hope there will be no games without spectators. Italian football has shown maturity in dealing with the pandemic,” said the head of the Italian Football Association, Gabriele Gravina, in view of the continued increase in the number of infections in Italy. Gravina also hopes that the government will provide support to clubs financially damaged by the pandemic.


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