Excel and G2 share the lead in the LoL league LEC

In the European League of Legends league LEC, the first favorites emerge after two weeks. But between the usual candidates there is a new team in the top field: Excel Esports shares the top of the table with defending champion G2 Esports.

“We have to stay on the ground. Two to three weeks ago we were still in fifth or sixth place and we weren’t given a chance for the World Cup,” said Excel coach Joey “Youngbuck” Steltenpool in an interview after the game. “Just because we started strong doesn’t mean we’ll finish strong.”

Excel dominates MAD Lions in record time

Already in the first week Excel had only lost against G2, in the second week two more wins followed. With Team Vitality and MAD Lions, the team beat two teams that are aiming for the World Cup qualification. It became particularly clear in the second duel, as Excel dominated last year’s champions in just under 20 minutes.

G2 also remain in good form but stumbled on Friday. Ironically, the clear outsider Team BDS, who had previously remained without a win, took the first game from the record champions. The following day, however, G2 was able to redeem themselves with a comfortable win against Vitality.

Four teams around Fnatic behind the leading group

Just behind G2 and Excel is Fnatic, among others. The team did not go undefeated again with a loss to MAD on Friday. On the other hand, the completely renewed line-up of Astralis, which has not yet been able to defeat a top team, is surprisingly good, but is still tied in third place.

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