Ex-referee Rafati shoots against the DFB because of Zwayer

Former Bundesliga referee Babak Rafati took the referee’s side in the discussion about Felix Zwayer and asked the DFB to rethink.

It is a disastrous problem in professional football for both players and referees that, in the error culture, one assumes that he will pause and then come back to himself, Rafati told the Sky TV channel. “It’s the worst thing there is. You have to give the player or the referee the chance to go back out there and show they can do it,” said the 51-year-old.

In Rafati’s opinion, bans after mistakes are counterproductive. These would tear you down completely, self-doubt would arise, it would affect the psyche. “I think it’s completely irresponsible to treat people, players, referees like that. You have to clearly admit mistakes, you have to talk about them,” demanded the ex-referee.

Zwayer was heavily criticized by Dortmund after the top game between Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern Munich (2:3). Young BVB star Jude Bellingham verbally attacked the 40-year-old and even indirectly accused Zwayer of bribery, alluding to the 17-year-old referee scandal involving Robert Hoyzer. According to the court documents, Zwayer, who helped uncover the scandal, accepted money like Hoyzer at the time.

You can’t accuse him of anything, said Rafati. The DFB must now take a clear position. “You have to protect your husband or you have to uncover things that are not yet public.”

According to DFB chief referee Lutz-Michael Fröhlich, the Berliner Zwayer will no longer referee BVB games; he took a break of his own accord.


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