Ex-BVB star second most expensive transfer 2021 – FC Bayern not in the top 20

The corona pandemic had a significant impact on the international transfer market in 2021. An ex-BVB star became the second most expensive player of the year, FC Bayern held back.

Only 4.86 billion dollars (equivalent to 4.24 billion euros) were paid in transfer fees for players. That’s more than $750 million less than in 2020, when the pandemic began. A record was set in 2019 with transfer fees totaling $7.35 billion (€6.42 billion).

The fact that the transfer fees fell overall is also shown by the fact that the number of transfers (18,068) has almost reached the level of 2019 (18,080). The top transfer of the year was Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku.

FIFA does not name a sum, but it is estimated that Champions League winners FC Chelsea have transferred 115 million euros to Inter Milan.

Ex-Dortmunder Jadon Sancho is in second place. According to the club, his move to Manchester United brought a whopping 85 million euros into the coffers of BVB.

FC Bayern not in the top 20

ManUnited is also the club with the highest transfer spending in 2021. Chelsea are already followed by RB Leipzig. Bayer Leverkusen is in ninth place in terms of spending, Bundesliga leaders FC Bayern Munich does not even appear in the top 20.

As expected, the English Premier League spent the most money at $1.386 billion. Germany is in fourth place with $451.9 million. Most of the players transferred were Brazilian. Overall, however, the most money was paid for players from the country of world champion France (643.6 million).

In the meantime, 1304 and thus a further increasing number of transfers were registered among women. Transfer fees were almost never paid, a total of only $ 2.1 million flowed. In the amateur field, meanwhile, Germany is ahead both in terms of player commitments (5122) and departures (2651).


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