“Everything new” with the 2022 Haas – except for one point

New Formula 1 racer for Mick Schumacher. The first pole position of the year goes to the backbench team Haas. The American racing team pushed ahead and was the first to present the new livery and pictures of the 2022 car on Friday. In the “RTL” interview, team boss Günter Steiner explains why there is hardly any feedback from Mick Schumacher in the car and what is new.

The final design of the VF-22 is still pending, but the paintwork is already fixed. The Haas racing team has presented pictures of its new car, which is set to go ahead again in 2022. From last place to midfield. Formula 1 driver Mick Schumacher proudly shared the photos online. “My new car,” he wrote on Twitter.

Too much feedback from Schumi jr. was not included in the new racer. “The cars are new and changed because of the new regulations. That’s why you can’t really give any input to the technicians,” explained team boss Steiner.

As a team, you don’t know exactly where you stand right now. But his protégé looked at everything and “learned a lot”.

Team boss defends livery of the new Haas

Last year, Schumacher and teammate Nikita Mazepin were far behind the premier class field with the hopelessly inferior VF-21. Steiner is therefore now hoping for a Haas “tiger” instead of a Haas kitten. Whether it really is enough for the “Tiger” edition also depends on how strong the many Ferrari parts in the car are. Above all, the engine, which Haas gets from Maranello as a Ferrari customer, plays a central role. “It’s a big Haas with little Ferrari parts,” Steiner describes the car. “When Ferrari is strong, we are strong too.”

However, the essential parts will only be revealed during the test drives in Barcelona (23.2. to 25.2.). But one thing is clear: the paintwork will remain as it is. The Russian national colors are clearly recognizable again this year. A year ago, the clear allusion brought the team a veritable shitstorm.

Background: Shortly before, Dmitri Mazepin, billionaire and father of stable rival Nikita Mazepin, had joined the team with his chemical company Uralkali as the main sponsor. In addition, Russian flags were (and are) actually banned from global sporting events due to a doping penalty from the Supreme Sports Court CAS. Many fans therefore criticized the Russian look of the car. But it is also true that the excitement subsided quickly. He hopes that there will be no further shitstorm, said Steiner and clarifies his point of view: “We do sports, not politics.”

Steiner promotes vaccination

And from a sporting point of view, “everything is new” with the VF-22, as the South Tyrolean emphasizes. Only the pedals are still the same as in the previous year’s model. The simple reason: “You can’t find much power in the pedals.” Apart from that, not a single particle was left unturned. A completely overhauled Haas – however, this was also necessary because of the many rule changes.

What the new Haas version is worth will only become apparent during the first test drives in February and the second test edition in Bahrain (March 10th to 12th). The season opener takes place on March 20th – also in Bahrain. Then there is already compulsory vaccination in the paddock. A precaution that Steiner likes. “No problem for me, I’m in favor of vaccinations. We should all do that.”

What Steiner says about Mick Schumacher’s podium dream can be seen in the video above.


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