Even Brady would laugh: Mac Jones scored an 80-yard touchdown and everyone freaked out in the Pro Bowl

It was a time of celebration with the thousand and one stars that came together in the Pro Bowl 2022 and the show was guaranteed. The best players of the season NFL 2021 met at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and mac jones was the protagonist with an epic touchdown of more than 80 yards. Until Tom Brady would mock!

After being chosen with the 15th pick in the first round by New England Patriots at NFL Draft 2021, Mac Jones took on the responsibility of being considered as Brady’s future replacement on the Pats. And he did not do badly in the first season!

With a solid defense and an offense that managed to win games with just three passes from Jones, the Patriots managed to qualify for the Playoffs and, despite losing in the Wild Card vs. Buffalo Bills, Jones managed to finish a season with numbers that led him to be selected for the Pro Bowl.

Mac Jones at the Pro Bowl (Photo: Getty Images)

In Mac Jones’ first season in the NFL, the New England Patriots quarterback recorded 3,801 yards, 22 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. There is a future in the former team Tom Brady with the protagonist of the play that drove everyone crazy in the Pro Bowl 2022.

Video: Mac Jones scored an 80-yard touchdown in the 2022 Pro Bowl

It was the last quarter of the 2022 Pro Bowl that would end up winning the American Conference over the National by 41 to 35 points when mac jones he drove everyone crazy because he did one rushed for more than 80 yards, scored one touchdown and he began to celebrate with a dance the score that did not count because he had already been touched by an NFC defensive player. Even Tom Brady would laugh!


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