EM | Hanning draws conclusions about the German performance

Former DHB Vice President Bob Hanning praised the German national handball team for their performances at the European Championships. The team, which was hit by a number of corona cases, showed “heart and soul and passion”.

“The DHB team took the word suffering particularly seriously. You could see that on the record, but also in the fact that some of the followers came directly from vacation,” wrote Hanning in his “kicker” column.

He found “great fun” in the work of national coach Alfred Gislason. “I know that he hates improvisation like no other. But he made us outsiders feel good at all times,” said the Foxes Berlin manager. Hanning praised the 21-year-old “whiz kid Julian Köster, who of course would have needed one or the other experienced player next to him to get some relief”.

According to Hanning, players like Lukas Mertens, Luca Witzke and Lukas Zerbe have “showed that they can be counted on in the future. The top official believes that “the goalkeeper duo Till Klimpke and Andreas Wolff will give us first class in the future”. “Let’s look forward to what’s to come,” said Hanning, calling the “incredibly broad squad” “almost a unique selling point.”

With all understanding for national players who sometimes miss a tournament due to the high pressure, Hanning calls for “a clear commitment to the DHB team” and “not waiting for the home European Championship 2024 or home World Cup 2027. Only those who burn themselves, can ignite fire. The same goes for the national team.”


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