Eintracht Frankfurt’s start to a special season

The Europa League winner gets going: With a lot of momentum and World Cup hero Mario Götze, Eintracht Frankfurt is starting a very special season.

Eintracht Frankfurt is by no means lacking in unique attractions these days. The silver trophy on display alone and the chance to take souvenir photos should attract numerous fans to the city forest when the ball rolls again for the first time in the Europa League winners around six weeks after the triumph in Seville.

Above all, one “sight” will probably outshine everything: King transfer Mario Götze.

Oliver Glasner knows that too, and so the Eintracht coach dampened the euphoria with a wink. “Mario isn’t that tall, just over 1.70 m. Lucas Alario is therefore a much bigger transfer,” the Austrian joked on Monday about the World Cup hero from Rio, whose commitment delighted Eintracht fans – and hopes for one further successful season awakens.

On Monday, Götze completed the first performance tests in the Eintracht outfit, and from Tuesday (11:00 a.m.) the preparations for a season will start on the field in which the Frankfurt team will be able to play in the concert of the really big clubs for the first time as a premier class participant. In any case, he was back with a “big smile”, emphasized Glasner: “The longer the vacation lasted, the more the tingling and anticipation came.”

Eintracht Frankfurt welcomes FC Bayern to kick off

Things are happening in quick succession for the Hessians: Bundesliga opener against record champions Bayern Munich (5 August), plus the UEFA Supercup against the royal team from Real Madrid (10 August). One highlight chases the next. Especially in the premier class, the fans are looking forward to the much-cited magical nights.

There is no doubt that after his official presentation on Tuesday (1.30 p.m.) Götze will be in the spotlight. For the 2014 World Cup final scorer, who came from PSV Eindhoven and recovered there after difficult years, it’s first about getting to know “the group and the game system,” said Glasner. He wanted to incorporate Götze’s strengths into the “functioning system”.

But the former Dortmund and Munich resident is not the only new face. On the list, Eintracht presents itself with more quality than in the previous season – for example with the Leverkusen attacker Alario. The future of Filip Kostic, on the other hand, remains open. Glasner is expecting the Serbs in Frankfurt on July 7, but a move to Juventus Turin is in the offing.

Eintracht Frankfurt wants to reach the round of 16

If no more regular players leave, “we won’t do anything anymore. Then we’ve strengthened ourselves fantastically. I’ve spoken to Markus Krösche almost more than I’ve spoken to my wife,” said Glasner, who, however, has to make some changes on the defensive end. Martin Hinteregger’s career end, which was as surprising as it was noisy, created a gap there.

Glasner gave the round of 16 as the goal for the premier class, in the league, unlike last year with eleventh place, the fight for international places. It is clear that expectations are increasing on the Main – also due to the new attractions.

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