Eintracht Frankfurt | Wrong corona policy? Krosche sounds the alarm

From a sporting point of view, things have been going much better for Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga recently. After the 3-2 away win at VfB Stuttgart, the Hessians are still only in ninth place, but were able to reduce the gap to fourth place in the Champions League to three points. Sports director Markus Krösche is far more worried about the current handling of professional football in the corona pandemic than looking at the current league table.

In an interview with the “kicker”, the 41-year-old again explained how he justified his criticism of the current Corona policy with its many conditions and fan restrictions: “There is no evidence that Bundesliga stadiums have a large number of has infected people. The argument with the crowds on arrival is often unpacked. Okay, but then we would have to paralyze public transport every morning during rush hour, which would strangle the entire economy because many would no longer come to work,” says the SBU -Sports director, who took up the post in Frankfurt last summer.

Krösche fears that professional football in Germany could suffer lasting damage even after the corona pandemic has been overcome and that it could no longer inspire such large parts of the population as it did before the pandemic broke out in 2020.

“The longer the stadiums are not allowed to be completely filled, the more difficult it becomes. A year ago I would not have expressed any concerns, but now, after almost two years of the pandemic and given the current regulation with only a few spectators, I can already see us in front of one extreme challenge,” continues Krösche, who has long since recognized a certain form of “weaning away”.

Krösche calls for a change in corona policy

According to the Frankfurt boss, every club in German professional football faces a “huge effort to get people back into the stadium”.

According to the current status, 10,000 spectators are allowed to watch the Bundesliga game between Frankfurt Eintracht and VfL Wolfsburg next weekend. The Frankfurt stadium, which is usually sold out regularly in the Bundesliga, has previously remained completely empty several times in accordance with the respective corona protection regulations.

“It can’t go on like this!” Krösche called for a reversal in corona policy with regard to the exclusion of viewers in an interview with the specialist magazine.


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