Eintracht Frankfurt: Real puts ex-SGE star Luka Jovic out

Luka Jovic’s exceedingly disappointing chapter at Real Madrid is over. The former Eintracht Frankfurt professional will leave the Royals for Florence after three years. Curious: Although the striker’s contract runs until 2025, the royals let him go free of charge. Why?

In the summer of 2019, Luka Jovic was spoiled for choice. After his meteoric rise in the Eintracht Frankfurt shirt, the then 21-year-old was wide open. Jovic ultimately decided to move to Real Madrid, speaking of the “best option” at the time.

It has long been clear: Real Madrid was not the best, but perhaps even the worst choice that the Serb could have made. The striker has made 51 appearances for Los Blancos in the past three years, scoring three times. In his half-year on loan in Frankfurt alone, he scored four times.

The real bosses are now finally drawing a line under a completely screwed up business and giving up Jovic. Curious about it: Although the Serbian national player’s contract runs until 2025, the Spanish champions let him move to AC Fiorentina on a free transfer.

According to “Marca” there is a simple reason: damage limitation. Those responsible do not trust Jovic to make a breakthrough in the next few years, but Real would have to pay the striker around 30 million euros in salary by the end of the contract period. The Madrilenians do not want to be left with these costs.

Real secures itself with a curious clause

At the same time, Real secured themselves with an unusual clause. It is said that the royals will collect a proud 50 percent of the next Jovic fee. Means: If the Serb starts in Florence and is sold again for many millions of euros in a few years, Madrid still collects half of this sum. For this reason, Florentino Pérez and Co. agreed to the deal.

Jovic’s father Milan has already revealed to the Serbian media that he thinks Real made a mistake. The step to Florence was the right one for his son. “And now we all have the opportunity to find out who is wrong and who is right,” he told the online portal “Objective”.

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