Does Mihambo put you in a good mood at the World Athletics Championships?

Corona confusion, sporting crisis – the German World Cup team still does not give a good picture. The last hopes are on Julian Weber and Malaika Mihambo.

Malaika Mihambo flies elegantly through the air, she lifts a lot of weights again – the Olympic champion presents herself on Instagram ready for her next jump to gold. At the end of the World Cup, which has been so bleak so far, Mihambo should save the German athletes’ balance sheet – if that’s even possible.

As if the German team in Eugene didn’t already have enough sporting worries, there was now also some excitement about dealing with the corona virus. “No,” said Mohamed Mohumed when asked if he had been tested for Corona before his 5000m lead.

This was surprising because the 23-year-old had previously said that he “didn’t feel so good” when he got up in the morning, and his trainer had tested positive. Understandably, Mohumed had “closer” contact with him shortly before leaving for the World Cup, which he started with a negative test.

Mohumed: “I don’t know if I’m really healthy”

“I don’t know if I’m really healthy,” said Mohumed, who actually wanted to attack Dieter Baumann’s German record in Eugene, but then soon had no more power in the lead-up and ran behind. The days before the race he “tested himself the whole time”, but before the race “hidden” the risk. Because: “If I start now and think I have Corona, then nothing works anymore. Some of the German team got it.”

This statement was also surprising. Until then, the German Athletics Association (DLV) had only reported the positive test of walker Christopher Linke, so the Potsdamer did not start over the 35 km. The association only confirmed two other cases in the support team after Mohumed’s statements, and Mohumed had also tested negative after his race.

The DLV then informed the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” that Mohumed had not been diagnosed with any corona symptoms “in a medical consultation” before the race. What was funny was that the runner didn’t mention that conversation, but instead said, “I’m just hoping right now that I’m not sick and that it’s something else.”

Gonschinska announces “relentless analysis”.

The DLV CEO Idriss Gonschinska meanwhile announced a “relentless analysis” in view of an imminent World Cup debacle. “This is a situation that we did not expect, and the results so far do not correspond to our claim in any way,” said Gonschinska on “ZDF”.

After seven out of ten days of competition, the German team is still without a medal, even the worst German World Cup result from Paris 2003 with four medals can hardly be achieved. In addition, the attitude of some athletes has been criticized. According to Gonschinska, it is important “that we work through this very, very consistently”.

With top favorite Mihambo, the strong javelin thrower Julian Weber and defending champion Niklas Kaul in the decathlon, the Germans are hoping for a strong final sprint at the weekend.

“I’ve actually already achieved everything that an athlete can achieve in his sports life, so everything that comes is actually an encore,” said Mihambo. And this encore should of course shine as brightly as possible.

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