Does he retire without revenge? Aaron Rodgers and his great Kryptonite in the NFL with Green Bay Packers

This Saturday night something unexpected happened. Green Bay Packers, the top seed in the NFC, fell to San Francisco 49ers by 13 to 10 locals at Lambeau Field, for the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs 2022. The Californians went on to the Conference Final.

Unthinkable because Wisconsin was the favorite for the majority to arrive and win the Super Bowl LVI, and lose at home, against a team with an average quarterback like Jimmy Garoppolo, and in typical Green Bay cold, was not in the plans. But the paper happened the same.

The only ones who did their job were the defensive, which did not allow any touchdowns. The special teams were a real disaster, allowing the score that tied the issue, having a blocked field goal, 10 players on the field in the winning FG and other errors. Then there was the offense led by the MVP candidate, Aaron Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers. (Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

The QB had a discreet game with 225 yards and no TDs or interceptions. The disappointing thing is that after the first drive where they finished with a score, the best offense in the league could not hurt again, and Rodgers was seen again very dull and without encouragement, as in the last Playoffs. With a possible retirement or exit from the team at the door, his weakness could not be overcome.

Aaron Rodgers’ Kryptonite in the NFL Playoffs

Aaron Rodgers is now with record of 4 losses and 0 wins against the 49ers in his Playoffs career. A-Rod now has the most losses by a postseason winless QB against the same opponent since 1950. After this uncertain offseason, will he get a rematch?


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