Does FC Bayern still straddle BVB at Adeyemi?

Karim Adeyemi will stay with Austrian soccer champions Red Bull Salzburg until the summer. After the current season he could be drawn to BVB in Germany, concrete negotiations are said to have already taken place. Adeyemi discoverer Manfred Schwabl commented on the big offensive jewel on Monday.

According to Schwabl, who is president of the regional league club SpVgg Unterhaching, where Adeyemi played for several years as a youth player, BVB would definitely be the right next rung on the career ladder for the highly talented youngster.

“The next sensible step should be a move to Germany,” the ex-professional confirmed in an interview with “sky“For the 55-year-old, Borussia Dortmund is one of the best possible clubs for his former protégé Adeyemi, who moved to Austria in 2018 as a 16-year-old.

“Dortmund is known for developing top talent as a stopover,” said Schwabl, who emphasized at the same time: “But there are still one or two clubs where he would fit in.”

Adeyemi in the summer as a Haaland replacement for BVB?

Secretly, the Unterhaching President still hopes that Munich-born Karim Adeyemi might still be drawn to the German industry leader FC Bayern. If not in this calendar year, then in the medium-term future.

“Black and yellow wouldn’t look bad on him, but red and white suits him quite well too,” said Schwabl with a wink.

FC Bayern has been repeatedly associated with Adeyemi in recent months. However, the youngster himself should prefer a club where he would get more playing time.

As a center forward, he would probably have to line up behind world footballer Robert Lewandowski for the record champions, while BVB supposedly has a vacancy in the center of the storm if superstar Erling Haaland actually decides to leave Dortmund next summer.


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