Djokovic family: politics has triumphed over sport

Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic’s family has expressed disappointment at the son’s expulsion from Australia.

“We had believed that justice would be done. That the ‘public interest’ would not be used as a pretext for a decision like the one made in the end,” the family wrote in a statement released by Serbian media. Politics and its interests would have triumphed over sport.

Djokovic, who wanted to take part in the Australian Open in Melbourne, was not vaccinated against Corona when he arrived in Australia eleven days ago. A medical exemption was not accepted by the immigration authorities. On Sunday, the federal court in Melbourne dismissed Djokovic’s lawsuit against the second visa annulment ordered by Immigration Secretary Alex Hawke. Djokovic left Australia shortly after.

“What we all, and especially we as a family, need to do now is support him more than ever,” the family’s letter continued. “We will be there to deal with the blows that were inflicted on him.” At the same time, one is “proud of the strength that he has shown and the battles that he has fought with dignity”. Djokovic will emerge stronger from the situation.

During the tug-of-war over the validity of the Australian visa, father Srdjan, mother Dijana and brother Djordje caused an international sensation with sometimes bizarre press conferences in Belgrade. Among others, Srdjan Djokovic compared his prominent son to Jesus Christ and described him as a “freedom hero” of the peoples oppressed by the global West.


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