Dispute over Saudi series: Kaymer wants to “write emails”

Golf professional Martin Kaymer relies on a dialogue in the debate about starts in the controversial LIV Golf Invitational Series.

“I think you just have to write a few emails, sit down at the table and discuss it,” said the 37-year-old at the BMW International Open in Munich.

Like colleagues, the athlete from Mettmann was fined 100,000 pounds (about 116,000 euros) by the DP World Tour (former European Tour) for taking part in the LIV opening tournament in London, which was financed with millions from Saudi Arabia.

In addition, the World Tour players are blocked for three specific tournaments.

“My heart is totally attached to the European Tour”

Kaymer “actually doesn’t really” understand the criticism of participation. He doesn’t know what the difference is between a tournament in the past and now, he said. At that time, the European Tour asked them to play in Saudi Arabia. “Now you can’t play in Saudi Arabia anymore, now you can’t play the tournaments that are held on other continents either.” That makes “relatively little sense” for him. That’s why you have to talk about it and the background.

The former world number one wishes that there would not be an either/or decision between the different series. “My heart is really set on the European Tour and I hope it doesn’t come to a decision at some point,” he said. Kaymer has no worries that his reputation as one of Germany’s flagship golfers could be scratched: “The people who know me know what I stand for and why and why I play golf.”

The LIV series is criticized because of the millions invested in Saudi Arabia. The background is that the country, which has been criticized for human rights violations, is trying to improve its reputation with lucrative sporting events.

Kaymer, who plays at the BMW International Open in Eichenried near Munich, finished 15th in the LIV premiere and recently defended his participation. Next stop of the Saudi series is from June 30th to July 2nd in Portland, USA. Kaymer is also on the starting list for this tournament.

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