Did he say goodbye? Russell Westbrook confessed what he said to LeBron after the Lakers’ tough loss

The scenario could not be better because they received the current champion of the NBA at the Arena stadium and they could give a blow of authority to recompose the 2021-22 season. This didn’t happen Los Angeles Lakers fell hard in front of Milwaukee Bucks and Russell Westbrook he was the target again. Neither Lebron James saved him!

Giannis Antetokounmpo with 44 points led the Bucks to beat the Lakers 131-116. In the Los Angeles team, the figure was LeBron with 27 unitswhile Westbrook had a poor performance again: 10 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists. Russ did not play the final minutes of the match and had something to say.

According Russell Westbrookthe 14 seasons he has been in the NBA, the MVP award for the 2017 season and the fact of being the player with the most triple-doubles in historygive him credit for being on the court when the games are defined: “I earned the right to be in the closing lineups (…) The numbers would say that.”

When the clock struck zero and Los Angeles Lakers they lost resoundingly, by 15 points, the official broadcast of the game showed a scene that caught the attention of all fans: Russell Westbrook walked over to the bench to comfort LeBron James and Anthony Davis. What did Russ tell them? The same base confessed it.

Did he say goodbye? Westbrook confessed what he said to LeBron after the Lakers’ loss to the Bucks

I told them I wish I could help them. But he wasn’t in the game to help them. But that’s not my decision.” was what he said Russell Westbrook to LeBron James and Anthony Davis after the Los Angeles Lakers’ tough loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.


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