DFL boss does not rule out Bundesliga revolution

The new DFL boss Donata Hopfen defends herself against bans on thinking when shaping the future of the Bundesliga and would not shy away from drastic measures.

“There are no sacred cows for me,” she said of the “Bild am Sonntag”. If playoffs would help the league in terms of competition, “then let’s talk about playoffs”.

When asked whether she would also host the German Supercup in Saudi Arabia, as in Spain or Italy, she replied: “Any measure that is supposed to bring us money in the future must suit us. But I think we can can’t rule out anything in this regard at the moment.”

In view of the strong international competition and the severe financial effects of the pandemic, the DFL must “be careful that we don’t get caught in a downward spiral,” emphasized Hopfen (45). At the same time, she called for “the focus to be more on the fan”. This is “our most important task for the future”.

Hopfen supports the regulation of player salaries and hopes that the top leagues in Europe will join forces. She wants to stick to the 50+1 rule, which is not a “success blocker”. Without them, “something might be easier. But would that still be our Bundesliga?”

Hopfen would abolish the term “The Team”. “For me it was and always will be the national team,” she said. The Dortmund managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke, who sits on the executive and supervisory board of the German Football League (DFL), recently brought up the idea of ​​banning the unpopular slogan.


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