DFB women live at EM in London Krach Hotel

Two tournaments, two worlds: while the German soccer men are staying in a pompous luxury oasis for the Winter World Cup in Qatar, our DFB women are staying at the upcoming European Championships in England in a hotel where peace and quiet is a luxury. The team of national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg does not complain about that. Especially since the whole thing has nothing to do with bad planning, but with a bit of bad luck.

On Monday, the German women’s team moved into its quarters in the Hilton Syon Park in the London district of Brentford – which is hopefully well insulated. Because it is right in the approach path of London Heathrow, Europe’s largest airport.

The DFB women are also threatened by noise in the hotel itself. According to “Bild”, the Hilton Syon is a popular place for Indian weddings. According to this, opulent celebrations are also to take place during the EM, but at least in a different wing of the hotel.

There is also no dedicated fitness room, the players have to go to a tent that the hotel set up in the garden for strength training. It is unthinkable that Hansi Flick’s team would prepare for an important tournament in this way.

Bad luck with the lottery

But there is no whining, Voss-Tecklenburg prefers to see the positive. “The hotel management really wants to offer us a home. We have a lot of greenery around it and great places to retreat,” she told “Bild” about the relaxation zone, which was also set up in the garden for the team.

Incidentally, the fact that Germany found accommodation in Brentford is not due to poor planning. Hotels in London are a topic in themselves anyway and the Bisham Abbey Marlow, probably the best of the hotels available, was not given to the DFB women. Reason: everyone wanted it, UEFA raffled the rooms, the Spaniards were lucky and were allowed to move in.

Two-tier society football

In general, there is still a huge gap between men’s and women’s football. And that, although the England European Championship will be a tournament of records. The opening game between England and Austria takes place at Manchester United’s legendary Old Trafford in front of more than 75,000 fans. The final on July 31 takes place in the football temple of Wembley in front of 90,000 spectators.

A total of almost half a million tickets have already been sold, although some games only take place on better training grounds in front of 4,000 or 8,000 spectators. Despite great interest in the tournament, 200,000 tickets have not yet been sold.

Incidentally, UEFA is paying out 16 million euros in bonuses this year, should the DFB women win the title, they would get 60,000 euros per capita. Significantly more than at the last European Championship five years ago, when the prize money was 37,500 euros. The men can only smile about such sums: they would have collected 400,000 euros apiece if they had won the European Championship title in 2021.

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