DEL wants to use the Olympic break for catch-up games

As expected, the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) will use the Olympic break to alleviate the deadline due to the many missed matches. In the game-free time, which is actually planned from January 29th to February 22nd, teams can agree on a game date among themselves, the league would agree to this. The DEL officials agreed on this with the 15 clubs in a video conference on Tuesday.

“The current situation demands that we remain flexible, and accordingly it makes sense that the clubs now have these options,” said DEL managing director Gernot Tripcke: “We are sure that this will enable us to catch up on individual games had to be canceled due to Corona. “

However, the Olympic starters will be absent from the Games. The national players would be “transferred to the DEB as agreed”, as the DEL emphasized again. The foreign national players are allowed to take part in the winter games in Beijing (February 4th to 20th) according to the rules of the World Association IIHF.


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