Dan Hardy really feels the Nate Diaz vs. Khamzat Chimaev battle is terrible

Dan Hardy, that when battledGeorges St Pierre for the welterweight title, understands the 170 extra pound department well.

The battle has actually dated dispute with the UFC in the past. Hardy, no more used by the promo, just recently shared solid sensations regarding a forthcoming spell in between Nate Diaz as well as Khamzat Chimaev.

The UFC revealed that Diaz, best understood for his 2 rounds versus Conor McGregor, will certainly complete his existing agreement by headlining UFC 279 versus the upcoming celebrity, Chimaev.

Hardy took place The MIXED MARTIAL ARTS Hour with Ariel Helwani as well as mentioned (at the 2:56:00 mark) that he thinks the UFC is dealing with the expert boxer unjustly. He feels it is mostly because of Diaz’s need to leave the promo:

“It feels like we’re getting to the point where someone should start thinking about pressing charges. It doesn’t feel like a fair fight. It feels like a very, very cruel thing to do to someone that is a legitimate legend. Because they’ve spoken out against the organization, they’re going to get executed live on TV.”

Dan Hardy thinks that Nate Diaz’s criticim of the UFC resulted in Khamzat Chimaev spell

Nate Diaz, that has actually consistently charged the UFC of trying to hold him captive, will likely be completing in his last battle at UFC 279.

Dan Hardy really feels that Diaz isn’t obtaining a correct send-off in his last UFC occasion which it will certainly misbehave for the promo, specifying:

“I think it’s going to be uncomfortable to watch, and I think it’s going to leave the UFC in a very, very bad light. And I just hope Nate comes through it alright, because I think he’s got good opportunities outside the UFC. It’s just a shame that they’re going to do this assassination attempt on him before he leaves.”

Khamzat, that is a substantial very early favored, appears to have no problems with the competition. Although he is a hefty favored as well as does not stand to acquire a lot from a win, Khamzat appears delighted to send out Diaz to his UFC “funeral”:

Dan Hardy, nonetheless, really feels that the UFC is tossing Nate under the bus for intending to leave. He suggested that this approach is regular for the UFC:

“I just feel very unfortunate that it’s happening,and that we can’t celebrate these fighters when they’re coming to the end of their career — but it’s the UFC’s style, isn’t it, you know? If they decide they’re parting ways with you, they try to damage you in every way possible. Unfortunately, if you’re a fighter and they want to damage you, they can actually physically do it, which is a shame.”

Watch Hardy’s look on The MIXED MARTIAL ARTS Hour listed below:


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