Dallas Cowboys owner weighs in on NFL complaint: ‘We can do better’

the world of National Football League (NFL) was shaken this week when we learned that brian flowersformer head coach of Miami Dolphins, I would sue the league and some of its franchisees for racism in their hiring processa fact that comes to uncover something that has been happening for a long time in the carousels of coaches.

New York Giants Y Denver Broncos are the sets that will be investigated in the coming weeks due to the factwith the addition that Flores denounced the Dolphins and their owner, Stephen Ross, for trying to corrupt the competitiveness of the league, with serious evidence such as the offer of money for each game that Miami lost under Flores.

Who came out to comment on the situation was one of the strong names in terms of franchise management; the owner of the Dallas CowboysJerry Jones. The experienced leader gave some reason for Flores’ complaint, although it is not clear if he will play a role in the future development of the investigation.

What did Jerry Jones say?

Jerry Jones in Kansas City. (Getty Images)

In conversation with USA TODAY, Jones admitted that the managements “they could do a better job” regarding the search for equity within the hiring of minority coachesplus you don’t see that “this conversation is going to end soon”.


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