Curry’s video with more than 100,000 views that excites Warriors fans

Golden State Warriors was not one of the favorites in the preview of the 2021-2022 season of the National Basketball Association (NBA). However, after a great start to the regular season, that thinking slowly changed.

From the hand of Stephen Curry, those from Bahia became unstoppable until they reaped a good number of victories that kept them comfortable throughout the harvest, despite the appearance of one or another small offensive slump.

Then, they made their way through the Playoffs to position themselves in the Finals and beat the Boston Celtics in a nmo series suitable for heart patients that lasted up to 6 commitments. Finally, the goal was met and those from San Francisco celebrated with everything.

Stephen Curry: Social Media Trend

The NBA Finals MVP would deserve a break, therefore, after an extensive celebration, it was confirmed that Stephen Curry would rest and “would not touch a basketball for weeks”.

Nevertheless, ‘Steph’ is back in actionAt least in the gym. His trainer Carl Bergstrom shared a video of ‘El Chef’ doing exercises, which went viral on networks, exciting the ‘Dub Nation’ and accumulating more than 100,000 reproductions.

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