Curry first and Westbrook beats LeBron: The 15 highest-paid players of the 2022-23 NBA season

According to a portal specialized in NBA contracts, among the 15 highest-paid players for the 2022-23 season, Stephen Curry is first and Russell Westbrook surpasses LeBron James.

The season schedule NBA 2022-23 He put first gear from July 1 and with free agency came new contracts to modify the 15 highest-paid players. Stephen Curry is first, while Russell Westbrook exceeds Lebron James.

After being the MVP of the 2022 NBA Finals and winning the fourth championship, Stephen Curry will have the added value to repeat the title with the Warriors that the contract extension for four years and more than $215 million dollars will take effect in the 2022-23 season. ‘The chef’ He is the highest paid player.

Russell Westbrook not only did he decide to continue one more season in the Los Angeles Lakers after making use of the player option for more than US$47 million, he also managed to beat Lebron James and became the highest-paid player on the California team inthe NBA 2022-23.

According to Spotrac, a portal specializing in contracts for the NBA, the Top-5 of the highest paid players complete it Bradley Beal and Kevin Durant. While the Washington Wizards point guard signed a new contract for 5 years and $251 million dollars, K.D. he asked for a trade from the Brooklyn Nets to get out of the team.



The 15 highest paid players of the 2022-23 NBA season

Position Player Equipment Salary in millions of dollars
1 Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors $48,070,014
two Russell Westbrook Los Angeles Lakers $47,063,478
3 Lebron James Los Angeles Lakers $44,474,988
4 Bradley Beal Washington Wizards $43,279,250
5 Kevin Durant Brooklyn Nets $42,969,845
6 Paul George Los Angeles Clippers $42,492,568
7 Giannis Antetokounmpo milwaukee bucks $42,492,492
7 Damian Lillard Portland Trail Blazers


7 Kawhi Leonard

Los Angeles Clippers


10 John Wall Houston Rockets* $40,866,760
eleven Klay Thompson

Golden State Warriors

12 Rudy Gobert

minnesota timberwolves

13 Anthony Davis Los Angeles Lakers $37,980,720
14 Chris Middleton milwaukee bucks $37,948,276
fifteen Jimmy Butler Miami Heat $37,653,300

*John Wall he agreed to cut his salary to leave the Houston Rockets. will sign with Los Angeles Clippers.



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