Curious: Biathlon boom causes shortage of weapons

The fight for young winter sports talent is usually tedious and difficult. The competition is too great and the range of other sports too tempting. In the Swedish biathlon camp, the situation is a little different. There they can hardly save themselves from new arrivals.

Sweden’s biathlon federation has a real luxury problem. Because stars like Sebastian Samuelsson, Hanna Öberg and their sister Elvira have caused a sensation on the Olympic, World Championships and World Cup stage in recent years and have won numerous titles and medals, the popularity of the sport has literally exploded.

The rush of kids, who also want to prove themselves on the cross-country ski run and at the shooting range, is so great that the national association cannot (yet) cope with it at the moment.

The former Swedish head of cross-country skiing and today’s biathlon official Rikard Grip revealed to the TV station “SVT” that even the material is now running out.

“We are currently missing about 300 air rifles, which are mainly used by young people,” said Grip. “But we have already placed our order and look forward to being able to benefit from it soon.”

Sweden’s biathlon sport is on the right track

In general, biathlon in Sweden is on the right track, explained Grip. “We have positive growth and hope that we will make the right decisions and that our investments will pay off in the future,” said the official. The growing popularity has increased the demand for the sport, summarized Grip.

In addition to the purchase of new weapons, the Swedish Biathlon Federation is also working on another important construction site. “The association currently has two priorities in the youth field. Training leaders and providing the clubs with new weapons,” revealed Grip that work is done mentally even in youth.

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