Crazy revelations about the future of Jogi Löw

For a long time it was quiet around Joachim Löw. But a Turkish TV journalist is now revealing explosive details about the alleged future plans of the former national coach.

Moderator Ertem Sener of “TV 100” showed the minutes of a Facetime phone call between Loew and Ali Koc, president of Istanbul’s top club Fenerbahce, on the program “Var odasi”. It was about a possible employment of Löw as a Fener trainer.

“Mr President, I am in talks with Manchester United. There is only one problem there: Ronaldo. Ronaldo said to the management: ‘If you get a manager without asking me, then I will leave the club,'” Loew is quoted as saying .

The 61-year-old reportedly said: “I’m very surprised. United would like me, but this is the first time I’ve heard that a club wants permission from a player. Even if Ronaldo gives permission, I won’t be because of that attitude Manchester United leave. I would not accept this offer. “

Again and again rumors about Jogi Löw and Fenerbahce

It is doubtful that Jogi Löw would actually turn down such an offer from the English record champions, but according to Sener Ali Koc then started to laugh and replied: “Mesut Özil really wants you with us. But the most important thing: the Fenerbahce fans want you. We believe in you. Let’s not delay it any further. I’m bringing this club one of the world’s best coaches – and that’s you. But as I said: I believe that you will come to us with small details. “

In the last few weeks and months there have been rumors that Fenerbahce would like to sign the 2014 world champion coach, but Jogi Löw’s management has repeatedly denied these reports.

Therefore, one can doubt whether the alleged Facetime conversation really took place that way. Especially since several journalists already expressed their doubts on the show and suspected a fake.


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