Cowboys Breaking: Dallas Police Clear Kelvin Joseph in Fatal Shooting

"The Cowboys have stood firm on the issue that the 22-year-old is good to go from a legal standpoint."

FRISCO: An update is finally here regarding the situation of Kelvin Joseph. Since the beginning of the offseason, Dallas Cowboys have spent their time saying there’s nothing new to share regarding Kelvin Joseph but now there’s a new update.

The update is from’s Mickey Spagnola and is as follows:

“There has been a lot of speculation over his availability after being a passenger in a car from where a fatal drive-by shooting took place late March in Dallas. But from what I’ve learned, Joseph, who was not involved in the shooting, has been cleared by Dallas County officials, for being truthful and forthcoming during the investigation, and remember he never was arrested or charged with anything. Now as for the NFL, that is a different matter, and its movement is at glacier speeds when coming to incidents such as this. The Cowboys have stood firm on the issue that the 22-year-old is good to go from a legal standpoint.”

Despite his connection to the driveway murder in Dallas last month, Kelvin Joseph has been with the team so far. Coach Mike McCarthy shared a few insights into what’s happening with the second-year cornerback earlier this season. He had provided two major thoughts on what was going on.

“I understand the concern, and I just want you to know that when the situation occurred, we had a lot of internal conversation that was really in-depth. Based on the information we’ve been given, we felt it was important to support him,” Coach Mike McCarthy said.

Coach Mike McCarthy’s words confirm that the Cowboys are comfortable with the situation regarding Kelvin Joseph.

The coach also talked about the player’s involvement with the team this offseason. “He’s been here every day and he’s having a very productive offseason so far,” Coach said.

Aries Jones, 28, and Tivione English, 21, both of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, have been charged in connection with the death of Cameron Ray by Dallas police. Through his attorney, Joseph has acknowledged riding in the car, but he said he was unarmed and is not the shooter.

A person who was a passenger in a car that was involved in a drive-by shooting may still be charged under Texas law. However, Joseph can still be suspended from the league.

Even though the 22-year-old is good to go from a legal standpoint, he could still face a suspension from the League.

Meanwhile, the teammates and the team are all supporting the player with the team leader, Dak Prescott said that “Best we can do, I can do, is be a brother and be a teammate to him.”

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