Cowboys, Bucs and Packers did it: NFL breaks audience records and dominates the NBA, MLB and MLS

One of the internal competitions among sports fans in the United States is to see which one is more popular. Most would say that internationally it is the NBA, while the MLB Y NFL are close and are becoming more popular around the world, with the MLS somewhat more relegated, despite having potential for being football, the most popular sport on the planet.

But within the USA, the NFL seems to be getting all the spotlight. One of the differences with the other competitions is the games: NBA and MLB play many regular season duels, while in the NFL are a handful (18 this year) and they acquire greater value.

Therefore, the league announced in a statement that the regular season 2021 averaged 17.1 million viewers between television and digital platforms, the most since 2015. The NFL claimed the 16 most watched events of the year and 91 of the top 100.

The most watched games in NFL 2021

No game had more spectators than the one in Dallas Cowboys vs. Las vegas raiders on Thanksgiving Day. He had 40.8 million people watching it. Here are the 10 most-watched games of the NFL season, with five from Dallas, three from Green Bay Packers and two of Tampa bay buccaneers Y Kansas City Chiefs respectively.

Game Week Channel spectators
Cowboys vs. Raiders 12 CBS 40.8M
Cowboys vs. Chiefs eleven FOX 28.7M
Brown’s vs. Packers 16 FOX/NFL Network 28.6M
Bears vs. Lions 12 FOX 28.2M
Buccaneers vs. patriots 4 NBC 27.2M
Cardinals vs. cowboys 17 FOX 26.8M
rams vs. Packers 12 FOX 25.2M
Cowboys vs. Buccaneers one NBC 25.2M
Packers vs. Chiefs 9 FOX 25M
Cowboys vs. chargers two CBS 25M


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