Consequences after the Olympic scandal announced: “The whole field could have been disqualified”

The exclusion of numerous top athletes from the Olympic ski jumping team competition will not go unnoticed. A member of the FIS board hinted at consequences just a day later. The sports director of the Norwegian ski jumping team meanwhile let his frustration run wild.

In the great dispute surrounding the disqualifications in the Olympic team competition for ski jumpers, there is currently one statement against another. On the one hand there is the inspector Aga Baczkowska, who claims that she only acted according to the rules and did not use any new test methods. On the other side is the statement of the jumpers who were disqualified. They say: The suits were checked differently.

“It makes a big difference whether you stand with your arms outstretched during the test or whether your arms have to be above your head,” said the Norwegian sports director Clas Brede Braathen of the newspaper “Verdens Gang”, which was done differently in the tests in Beijing .

The statement by Aga Baczkowska does not match the statements made by his jumpers, the Norwegian added: “And that’s not excusable either.” He had statements from five different jumpers, all of whom said different testing methods had been used.

“Blackest day in ski jumping history”

“Our three women were checked 15 times this season. Not once was there anything to complain about. And suddenly there are disqualifications. It’s obvious that the FIS checked differently than usual. And that led to the blackest day in ski jumping history “, the Norwegian vented his anger.

Of course, irregular suits would still have to lead to a disqualification, said Braathen: “But I’m sure that the whole field could have been disqualified if you had put it on it because there are so many details. These suits passed the tests designed. And if you do the tests differently, we have to be informed beforehand.”

FIS board member announces consequences

Norway’s head of the association, Erik Roeste, who is also a member of the FIS board of ski jumpers, agreed with his sports director and has already announced the consequences. “What happened must be talked about. The IOC must also ask itself questions: What happened? What could have been done? I don’t have an answer today, but the case shows that the rules are too complicated.”

One possibility is to simplify the regulations for the suits, said Roeste: “We will propose to take a closer look at this matter. Yesterday showed that there is a reason to look at the topic again.”


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