Concerned borrowers about corona tests in Beijing

President Karla Borger of the Athleten Deutschland association perceived the fear of manipulated corona tests among the active participants before the Winter Olympics in Beijing. “I mean, we know it from Russia, from Sochi. Nobody would have thought that there would suddenly be holes in the wall,” Borger told SID, referring to the Russian doping scandal: “It’s not out of the question, and the concern is with the athletes.”

DSV Alpine Director Wolfgang Maier and Michael Hölz, President of Snowboard Germany, had previously expressed concerns about the potential for manipulation in corona tests. In addition, the organizers’ approach to corona tests during the games (February 4 to 20) was controversial.

The high and therefore criticized CT reference value of 40 was only recently lowered to 35, while a value of 30 applies in Germany. From this point on, people who have been tested are no longer considered contagious in this country. The lower the CT value, the higher the viral load in the body is usually with COVID-19. Accordingly, it is still possible for athletes to be tested negative before their departure and positive in China.

According to Borger, all members of the Olympic squad are aware of the critical issues. “There are concerns that getting there healthy is almost a competition. Our goal is for everyone to make it into the bubble,” said the beach volleyball player.

At the same time, it is “not unlikely that some might not even make it in there.” In such a scenario, “perhaps there would be a lack of top athletes in all sports,” says Borger: “Of course it would probably be a bit of a distortion of competition.”


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